CutThroat CueSports has entered the FedEx small business grant contest. We hope to earn one of the grants to allow us to become more visible in the marketplace. The grant will greatly aid us in new product launches, product development and more. Please Vote for us!


09/14/2016 1:24am

Vote for us if you want to be arranged and provided the best of the best qualities and products. The standardized forms of the voting are ensured and all facilities would be ensured.

07/30/2017 9:39pm

I hope you get to win the contest so that you can have fund for your product launch! I know that launching a new product is a hard thing to accomplish because aside from the fact that it requires many people working for it, it's also very expensive. I suggest that you come up with ideas that have never been pitched before so you will have a higher chance for winning. These judges are looking for something that is one of a kind, so you need to be able to deliver that if you really want to have a chance in winning the grant. Good luck and I wish you the best!

12/10/2016 8:13am

Sure, I will gladly vote for you. I hope this might help you somehow.

04/11/2017 12:20pm

I hope you will earn this gran. I am sure that it will be good for your organization.


I've voted for you!In 2014! It was unreal not to support you!


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